Silly Phil!

a professional variety comedian and producer

Silly Phil, is the founding member of the world famous variety performing duo, The Silly People. For more than half of his exciting life (over 2 decades) he has entertained people all over the planet and produced some very kick ass events.
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Silly Phil has been vaccinated in accordance to the Government of Canada’s health recommendations.


When not performing with his partner and The Silly People, Phil is on stage performing his own brand of unique entertainment. Spreading cynicism and absurdity sprinkled with memorable routines and the occasional mind blowing trick.
Silly Phil Shows


For the last 12 years Phil has been creating his own and producing other major corporate events and world class festivals including the second largest comedy festival in Ontario, the Kitchener-Waterloo Comedy Festival. Thinking outside, underneath and around the box, Phil has proven himself one the brightest and talented producers in Canada.
And if it is a production you are looking for, The Silly People produce world class events from small afternoon shindigs to multi day festivals.
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